GPA Academic Honors

Use the gpa calculator to monitor your grade point average to see if you are on track to graduate with honors. In high school, students are recognized for scoring a high grade point average by being named on the honor roll.

At college or university, honors status is awarded to undergraduates who have maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 and above. This academic distinction is recorded on the certificate students receive upon graduation. Graduating with honors can open doors to future employment or permit entry into elite professional groups.
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Grad School Applicant Success

Many graduate school applicants have been out of college for several years and are concerned that their undergraduate academic record will affect their application especially if their GPA was 3.5 or lower. This need not be the case, however, as the experience gained since leaving college can do much to offset a lower GPA score.

Include examples of your life experiences from the following categories to help support your application to graduate school. Travel Experiences, Community Service, Employment Experience, Research & Writing, and Entrepreneurial Achievement.

So don’t let a lower grade point average hold you back from applying to graduate school!

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GPA Calculation

In high school and college your academic institution will calculate your cumulative grade point average as an indication of your overall academic performance in a program. In order to graduate you must have a GPA score that is higher than the minimum standard required for your specific program. If your GPA is high you may qualify to graduate with honors or be awarded other academic distinctions. Knowing your GPA throughout the program will help you stay on track to reach your goal. Use our GPA Calculator to monitor your GPA on a regular basis. If your GPA score is low you may need to study a bit harder, or use a tutor to give you some extra help. If you are doing well in your course you may want to strive harder to make sure you graduate with honors or win a specific academic award. The moral of the story? If you know where you are, and you know where you need to be, you can make the necessary adjustments to achieve your goals!

Colleges Announce 2013 Acceptance Rates

Late last week, many colleges and universities released their last rounds of admissions decisions. At many of the country’s most exclusive schools, acceptance rates were lower, although only by a fraction.

This time of year it’s important to remember that when it comes to receiving a quality undergraduate education, it often matters more what you do in college than where you go.

A selection of 2013 admission rates for Ivy League Schools
Stanford University, 38,828 applications; 2,210 students accepted; admission rate of 5.69%
Harvard University, 35,023 applications; 2,029 students accepted; admission rate of 5.79%
Yale University, 29,610 applications; 1,991 students accepted; admission rate of 6.72%
Columbia University, 33,531 applications; 2,311 students accepted; admission rate of 6.89%
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Grade Point Average And The Student Athlete

If you are a student athlete in high school or college, and sports is your passion, it is important that you pay attention to your grade point average on an ongoing basis. Use our GPA Calculator to monitor your GPA. Many high schools and colleges set a minimum grade point average for athletic participation. This means that you must achieve their minimum gpa score to continue to play on the team. Make sure you find out what the minimum GPA score is at your school, your coach should be able to tell you. If you are having difficulty maintaining this minimum take a moment to review our study tips which will help you improve your grade point average.
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GPA Requirements for Business Programs

One of the factors that determine whether applicants will be accepted into undergraduate business programs is grade point average. Whether it’s high-school GPA used in freshman admission to four-year business programs or college GPA used in admission to two-year programs, GPA still matters. A lot.
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Higher Education, Government, and the Nation

Let us also agree on two other propositions: that the rising costs of college threaten to place higher education beyond the reach of too many of our citizens; and that the full value of higher education can be realized only if students graduate …
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The Importance of Grade Point Average

How important is grade point average in the college admissions process? For many colleges, the number isn’t as telling as putting it into context. Comments from Facebook: Don’t confuse some admissions officials’ comments referring to a high …
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University Students Make Dean’s List

Northern Michigan University named local students to the fall Dean’s list. Those students who earned a grade-point average of 4.0 were Helen Kiilunen of Brighton and Luke Gruenberg of Hartland Township. Several students earned recognition for a GPA of 3.25-3.99 …
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