What to Pack for College/University

Congratulations! you have aced your final exams in high school and have been accepted by the college/university of your choice.

Soon it will be time to leave your friends and family and venture out into the world of higher education.

In college you are going to be sharing a room and living quarters with strangers, unless you just happen to be going to the same college as your best friend. Unfortunately, this can be a stressful time for many.

There are many things you will need in your dorm room that will help make your life away from home more comfortable. Most people remember to pack the basics such as laptop computer, mobile phone, linen, printer, paper, shower necessities etc but here is a list of some items an experienced student wouldn’t be caught without.

  1. A sweatshirt you don’t mind losing
  2. Noise cancelling head phones – to block out the noise
  3. A foldable drying rack
  4. Bed Risers – enable under bed storage
  5. Laptop Lock – secure your most valuable asset
  6. Shatterproof Wine Glasses
  7. Portable Charger – don’t get caught with a dead battery
  8. Party themed clothes
  9. An HDMI cord
  10. Sewing Kit – for those emergency repairs
  11. An electric kettle – coffee, tea or cocoa anyone?
  12. Stain Remover Stick – for those accidental messes
  13. A collapsible water bottle
  14. Fabric steamer
  15. Printed photos of family and friends – helps if you’re homesick
  16. A bunk bed caddy – if you’re stuck with the top bunk
  17. Comfortable house shoes – cozy and warm for those study nights
  18. Ear plugs
  19. Eye mask
  20. A footlocker
  21. Reusable food containers
  22. Thick curtains
  23. Ethernet cable