College Degree Choices

You are in the last half of high school or just beginning college with the core curriculum. How do you choose what subject you want to major in?

Most students will approach this question from an emotional standpoint. What do they like doing? What are they passionate about? or what have they dreamt of becoming all of their lives?

Beyond these questions, it is only smart to look at where current jobs are available. After all, choosing a profession that is not in demand is not the smart thing to do. Additionally, choosing a profession that is predicted to die out is only going to require a person to have to get retrained in he future for a career that actually has solid jobs.

The bachelor degrees worth pursuing in these times are quite varied. The good degrees could end one up in a doctor’s office or hospital, a classroom, a bank or financial institution or elsewhere.
The following areas of study have the lowest unemployment rates and therefore would offer a good chance of employment after graduation.
Top Five Degrees

Nursing Degree
Elementary Education Degree
Finance Degree
Marketing Degree
Business Management & Administration

Based on current unemployment rates one would advise students not to pursue the following degrees due to the difficulty of finding employment in their chosen field.
Top Degrees To Avoid

Degree in Information Technology
Degree in Architecture
Degree in Anthropology
Degree in Film, Video, Photography
Political Science Degree

So it is important when you are choosing your major in college or university that you choose a profession that will be in demand when you finish your degree.  Further education is a huge commitment in time and money. Make it count!

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Who Wins in Education?

Everybody talks about the need for higher education but how do we pay for the ever-increasing costs of college and university education, and are students getting their money’s worth.

Costs of tuition, fees, room and board at public universities have doubled in the last twenty years, whereas middle-class wages have remained flat since the 1970s. Students are forced to take out loans to acquire a college education.

Colleges and universities are also being forced to take on massive debt to become more “market-oriented,” building the high-quality, expensive, living and dining amenities students say they want, excluding facilities that achieve excellence in education.

Unfortunately, graduation rates are falling, high costs are resulting in a decrease in enrollment numbers, some students drop out early, while others who graduate fail to earn enough in their first years of employment to repay their loans.

School administrators pay more attention to “profits” and “return-on-investment” than giving our students the education they need and deserve.

We need to refocus on education, not the popularity of our institutions. Students need to be freed from the burden of debt, scholarships and grants are preferable to higher levels of debt.

We must also distribute a far greater portion of our national wealth to help students get the education they need and deserve. Otherwise we further weaken our democracy and ruin the middle-class way of life that sustains it. When the banks win, students lose.

John G. Fike is an adjunct professor at the Eastern Michigan University Political Science Dept.

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Freeze Or Cut Tuition

As in many other states, however, it would be dependent on the legislature increasing higher-education funding–in Montana’s case, by $34 million, which would come from a $450 million budget surplus. The University of Minnesota has also …
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Will Online Education Replace College?

Will great free courses drive down applications to places like Stanford? That is unlikely. It is more likely that these opportunities will help build a stronger university brand. Writing about the success of a Stanford online computer science course in the Wall …
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Secure Software Development (SSD) Certificate Program

Certificate Program as part of the university’s Continuing Education curriculum. This computer-based certification and training program offered by UCF is the first of its kind offered by a US higher education institution, and is targeted at …
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GPA Higher Than 3.0 for 8 Clemson Teams

Clemson’s men’s basketball team finished with a grade-point average higher than 3.0 for the first time since the school began tracking athletic grades. Data released Wednesday by the university’s Office of Institutional Research showed coach …
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Affordable Higher Education Vitally Important

“When I asked him if there was a message he’d like me to convey back to the university, he said that Saint Joseph’s is vital to the world as a Catholic, Jesuit institution and that it is incumbent upon us to steward this unique education …
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Stampede at South African University Kills 1

One person was killed and nearly 20 injured in a stampede by students trying to register at the University of Johannesburg, reflecting desperate demand for higher education among poor in Africa’s largest economy …
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Students Incurring Huge Private Loans

Megan Connors says she got a great education at Auburn University but Federal aid was not enough to cover the four years at the Alabama school. She had to take out private loans to make up the difference. Education News Source: continue reading

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Rutgers University Anti-Semitism Allegation

The U.S. Department of Education is investigating Rutgers University for its response to alleged anti-Semitic harassment, according to documents obtained by The Huffington Post. The Zionist Organization of America, a …
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