Grade Point Average And The Student Athlete

If you are a student athlete in high school or college, and sports is your passion, it is important that you pay attention to your grade point average on an ongoing basis. Use our GPA Calculator to monitor your GPA. Many high schools and colleges set a minimum grade point average for athletic participation. This means that you must achieve their minimum gpa score to continue to play on the team. Make sure you find out what the minimum GPA score is at your school, your coach should be able to tell you. If you are having difficulty maintaining this minimum take a moment to review our study tips which will help you improve your grade point average.
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Student Athletes Score State’s Highest Grade Point Average

The top seven grade point averages were taken for basketball; top eight for hockey. The basketball team posted a grade point average of 96.26, highest among all boys basketball teams in New York. The hockey team was 95.63, which tied with Brockport for …
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High School GPA Restrictions Sidelining Athletes

A total of 27 New London high school athletes in the fall and winter sports programs have attended mandatory academic support sessions because their grade point averages have fallen below 1.7, deeming them ineligible to participate in …
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Athletes Earn High GPA at University of Montana

Montana’s programs scored a combined fall grade-point average of 3.09 (on a scale of 4.0). The cumulative GPA for all of University of Montana student-athletes for all semesters they’ve been enrolled is now 3.11. Both marks are the best since record keeping began …
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2.97 GPA For Student Athletes at UT

Tennessee’s student-athletes finished the fall with a 2.97 grade-point average, a slight improvement over the 2.94 posted in spring 2011, UT announced Monday. Men’s football finished the fall semester with a 2.49 grade-point average. That’s down from 2.71 …
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Possible GPA Increase For Athletes

Last Fall, just 89 % of Henrico school district’s high school student athletes reached a 2.0 grade point average. Currently, they are not required to do so, but the Superintendent’s new proposal is considering a higher academic standard for athletes.
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Grade Point Average For Sports Reduced

The new district guidelines, for Detroit Public Schools, lowers the minimum grade-point average at the beginning of the school year for students to be eligible for sports to 1.67. The current minimum is 2.0. The mid-school year …
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Team GPA Student Athletes Honored

A total of 10,111 student-athletes earned the individual scholar-athlete award. Individual scholar-athletes attained at least a 3.5 grade point average for the semester in which he or she competed. The award is based on first semester grades for fall and …
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