Henry Ford College Helps Students Apply For Scholarships

Late in 2014, in an effort to more efficiently manage scholarship processing, Henry Ford College implemented AcademicWorks. This new system automatically matches students to scholarship opportunities that they are qualified to receive. Students have until …
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13 Earn New York Times College Scholarships

It was one of those perfect blue-sky days when Mah Noor stepped from the subway station on her way home to her apartment in Queens and spotted the familiar-looking man, sitting on a bench in the shadow of a tree, who appeared mentally ill. It took a few …
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Scholarships Available for High School Seniors

WISCONSIN RAPIDS – The Mid-State Technical College Foundation announced that it is accepting scholarship applications from high school graduating seniors planning to attend MSTC in fall 2015. The MSTC Foundation offers 25 scholarships, each valued at $1,250.
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College Students Offer Real-World Advice

With thousands of schools offering certificates and degrees, the task of planning for higher education can seem overwhelming. In this education planning guide, college students who have a degree of experience share their advice, ranging from how to choose …
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Scholarships, Merit or Need?

If the goal of scholarships is to make universities more accessible, should the money be distributed to the needy rather than the successful? How effective are merit-based scholarships when it comes to boosting post-secondary enrolment?

Merit scholarships are awards based on grades, character, proposals or accomplishments, whereas needs based scholarships require applicants to demonstrate financial need before receiving aid.
According to a survey conducted by Higher Education Strategy Associates it is evident that needs-based scholarships are far more effective than merit scholarships in increasing post secondary enrolment.

Merit scholarships tend to favour children coming from higher-income families, because those students can afford to spend more time on school and extracurricular activities since they don’t have to work.

Universities offer students merit awards based on their ability to achieve a certain grade point average on finishing high school in the hope that they’d be more inclined to stay enrolled in a school.

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GPA Increase: Thousands At UF Would Lose Scholarships

The Florida House passed a measure this month to increase the grade-point average required to renew the scholarships. UF has identified more than 3,300 students who would have been able to renew the scholarships under current requirements but …
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High School GPA Earns Student Scholarships

She’s been named MVP and first team All-District forward for the past three years. She maintains a 3.4 grade point average, takes college level courses and gives back through church and community service projects. Gabriela is the captain of …
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