College Applications Does Anyone Read Them?

What happens to those college applications once they have been submitted? How are high school students selected by colleges and universities? The first step requires admission officers to examine application files, each file gets a second reading by another counselor. Each prospective student is classified by region, grade point average, mid year GPA, class rank, ethnicity, athletic interest, SAT scores etc.

On the academic side, most colleges will adjust high school GPA scores from the various high schools to compare students on a level the playing field. For non-academic components, a high school student who has demonstrated leadership skills, community involvement, and volunteer work will be rated higher than a student who has no extracurricular involvement, and so the process goes. Students whose cases are not clear cut would be discussed at committee to determine if they will be accepted, denied or put on a wait list. It is evident that the admission process is taken very seriously and that all aspects of a students performance in high school is considered in the decision process. Colleges do not want to set up a student to fail.

If you were a high school student that applied to college for the fall 2013 semester I hope you were successful and looking forward to further education at the college or university of your choice.
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Colleges Announce 2013 Acceptance Rates

Late last week, many colleges and universities released their last rounds of admissions decisions. At many of the country’s most exclusive schools, acceptance rates were lower, although only by a fraction.

This time of year it’s important to remember that when it comes to receiving a quality undergraduate education, it often matters more what you do in college than where you go.

A selection of 2013 admission rates for Ivy League Schools
Stanford University, 38,828 applications; 2,210 students accepted; admission rate of 5.69%
Harvard University, 35,023 applications; 2,029 students accepted; admission rate of 5.79%
Yale University, 29,610 applications; 1,991 students accepted; admission rate of 6.72%
Columbia University, 33,531 applications; 2,311 students accepted; admission rate of 6.89%
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