Higher GPA Linked With Conscientiousness

People who are conscientious were more likely to have higher grade point averages compared to those who are not, according to a new study by Rice University psychologists. They examine previous studies that research the link between the “Big Five” personality traits -agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism and openness to experience – and college grade point average.

It found that across studies, higher levels of conscientiousness lead to higher college grade point averages. It also showed that five common personality tests are consistent in their evaluation of the “Big Five” personality traits; all five measures found a positive correlation between conscientiousness and grade point average and virtually no correlation between the other four personality traits and grade point average.

According to Sam McAbee, a psychology graduate student at Rice and the study’s lead author, the study has important implications for college admission offices and employers, who use personality tests to measure an individual’s capacity for success.

“Research on these personality tests helps us gain a better understanding of how various personality traits may affect academic outcomes and other important life outcomes,” McAbee said.

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