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GPA Calculator for High School

The Fastest Way To Find Your High School Grade Point Average

Whether you are a high school freshman or a senior, days away from graduation, you know just how important your GPA is. Many high school students worry about their GPA constantly. That's why tools like our simple high school gpa calculator can be so helpful. Our gpa calculator for high school students is based on a 4.0 scale so you can easily find your semester and cumulative gpa wherever and whenever you want.

Access your GPA 24 hours a day 7 days a week at home or on the go, using your smartphone.

How to Use GPA Calculator for High School

The gpa high school calculator at has a few simple steps:

  • Choose the number of courses you would like to enter
  • Enter the classes, grades, and credits
  • Press the Enter button

Once you follow these steps, your can find your GPA whenever you want.

Free High School GPA Calculator

A high school student can use this calculator for free, whenever they choose. With the gpa high school calculator, you can track your gpa right from your very first semester as a freshman, all the way to your final senior year. Best of all, this helpful tool is always free to use and you can trust its results.

Online GPA Calculator for High School

Finding your GPA score with the calculator is just one of the steps, you'll also want to keep track of this information. You can always use the gpa calculator whenever you wish, but it really helps if you track this information for your own peace of mind. The high school calculator gives you the option to save your results in a file on your computer, phone or iPad or to print a hard copy for your records.

Try keeping all of your report cards in a folder, or ask one of your parents to do this for you. Add the results from the high school gpa calculator to the folder each time you use it. Put the date you access the calculator, so you know which grades you have entered.

Cumulative GPA Calculator High School

One of the best things to do with the gpa calculator is to find your cumulative grade point average in preparation for college. This process may start during your sophomore year or junior year. Colleges most often look at your gpa from the junior year and all previous semesters. Some students are accepted into college by “early decision” with their first semester of senior year's grades and others are accepted during the second semester of senior year. But the gpa calculator can help you start planning.

Figuring out your high school gpa will help you as a student. It may challenge you to work harder or motivate you to continue with hard work. Our gpa high school calculator is a helpful tool many students have used during their school years and beyond.

How To Choose A College or University

Honestly, a lot of high school students spend very little time thinking about which college or university they should attend. Unfortunately this decision is often made without a clear idea what the long term goal is. Considering the high cost of attending university for 4 years it can be a very expensive mistake.


Your guidance counsellor is a valuable resource for information. They can supply you with a list of potential colleges for you to consider. A good place to start are the College information fairs that are held each year. Make sure you do some research before hand and go armed with questions that will help you determine if you want to keep a particular school on your short list. Visit as many schools as possible and consider their location, facilities, and available resources.

If you are one of the lucky ones, who already knows what your career goals are, you can focus your research on the best schools for that career. You are already ahead of the game! For those of you that are undecided look at schools that offer a variety of programs which will enable you to choose your specialty later on.

Make arrangements to visit the schools you are considering. All universities schedule open days where prospective students can visit the college campus. Look at the size and type of school, research clubs and campus activities and if you are interested in sports you can also look into their athletic programs.

Of course one of your major considerations when choosing a school is the cost. Not only the cost of tuition but also accommodations, books, food, and travel. You might want to get as far away from your parents as possible but it comes at a cost!! Attending college in your local area allows you to stay at home and avoid the additional living expenses. State schools generally offer cheaper tuition costs. Investigate what financial assistance is offered by the college. What scholarship opportunities are available? Some schools offer early acceptance grants towards the cost of tuition and of course you can look into borrowing money to help pay for school.

Overall, what will be your return on investment? For the money you will invest in your education over the four years it takes to get an undergraduate degree what salary do you expect to earn in the career you have chosen? What are your chances for promotion to a higher salary? Your future income potential should play an important role in your decision process.

Once you have narrowed down your search to the serious contenders you should compare your academic record with the average academic statistics for entering freshmen for each college you have listed. How does your GPA stack up? Divide your list into three groups.

Apply to approximately 6 - 10 schools. Pay attention to application deadlines and make sure your application is complete with no spelling errors!

Hardest USA Colleges to get into by State

University of Alabama AL Carroll College MT
Arizona Christian University AZ Union College NE
University of Arkansas AR Dartmouth College NH
California Institute of Technology CA Princeton University NJ
Colorado College CO New Mexico Institute of Mining NM
Yale University CT Columbia University NY
Georgetown University DC Duke University NC
University of Miami FL University of Jamestown ND
Emory University GA Kenyon College OH
Brigham Young University of Hawaii HI University of Tulsa OK
Northwest Nazarene University ID Reed College OR
University of Chicago IL University of Pennsylvania PA
Univiersity of Notre Dame IN Brown University RI
Grinnell College IA Clemson University SC
Sterling College KS Augustana College SD
Berea College KY Vanderbilt University TN
Tulane University LA Rice University TX
Bowdoin College ME Brigham Young University UT
Johns Hopkins University MD Middlebury College VT
Harvard University MA Washington & Lee University VA
University of Michigan MI Whitman College WA
Carleton College MN Concord University WV
Mississippi Valley State University MS University of Wisconsin WI
Washington University MO    

Congratulations on making an informed decision about your further education studies. Your experience at college will be unlike any other, it will be a time you will never forget and an opportunity to makes friendships that will last a lifetime!