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How to Convert Your Letter Grade to the 4.0 GPA Scale

As there are no universal guidelines for reporting grades throughout the educational system it has been left to the individual institutions to come up with a way of measuring a student's academic performance for each semester and to calculate their cumulative gpa score.
Some schools use a letter grade, some use a percentage and others use a 4.0 GPA scale.

International students who come to North America to study are confused by the different grading system and need to be able to convert their letter grades to the numeric system used in North America.

Our GPA Calculator is based on the scale above.

Not all schools use the same one. It is important to check with your institution directly to confirm grading system.


The following GPA Conversion table allows you to compare your grade against other methods of measurement.

GPA Conversion Chart

A+ (>90%) 4.0 GPA
A (85%-89%) 3.9 GPA
A- (80%-84%) 3.7 GPA
B+ (77%-79%) 3.3 GPA
B (73%-76%) 3.0 GPA
B- (70%-72%) 2.7 GPA
C+ (67%-69%) 2.3 GPA
C (63%-66%) 2.0 GPA
C- (60%-62%) 1.7 GPA
D+ (57%-59%) 1.3 GPA
D (53%-56%) 1.0 GPA
D- (50%-52%) 0.7 GPA
F (<50%) 0.0 GPA

It is important that you keep track of your GPA score so you can monitor how well you are doing and make adjustments if necessary. Colleges and universities use these scores to compare high school students from across the country to determine which students will be offered a place at their school to continue with their education.

Academic Probation

While you are attending university they continue to monitor both your semester GPA and cumulative GPA to ensure you are keeping up with the course work. Most universities have a minimum score that must be maintained or they will put the student on academic probation. Again, this minimum can vary from school to school and it is important that you are aware of your school's minimum GPA score. If a student is unable to maintain this minimum score they may be dismissed from school. With the gpa calculator, you can track your gpa right from your very first semester as a freshman, all the way to your final senior year. Best of all, this helpful tool is always free to use and you can trust its results.

Academic Honors

If you are a student that is focused on your studies and are able to score a GPA of 3.5 or higher you may be able to graduate with honors. Latin honors are added to a diploma or degree for work that is above average and is usually printed right on the certificate.

The grade point average(GPA) requirements for Latin Honors vary slightly and may be particular to a specific college or university.